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18:00 -->  The Royal Flush (CH)

In 2007 the sky above Solothurn lit up and the clouds parted for an event of a special kind: the founding ceremony of "The Royal Flush" with the four aces Räffu, Dömu, Märcu and Römu in the leading roles. The four Jura southern foothill rocketeers play rockabilly and rock'n'roll of the sincere variety: raw, unbridled and direct. The line-up with double bass, two guitars and a singing standup drummer is clean cut and leaves little room for frills. As soon as the guys are under power, the place shakes and many a social evening ends with a memorable buzzing head. The live set consists of many own songs and selected interpretations from Jay Swan to Buck Stevens. Musical delicacies for spoilt connoisseurs are served fresh and friendly with a spicy marinade of playfulness, wit and cheeky riffs.


The band:

  • Räffu: Vocals & Drums
  • Dömu: Vocals & Doublebass
  • Märcu : Lead Guitar
  • Römu: Rhythm Guitar

19:00  --> Clark & The Aces ( NL)

Clark and The Aces are back! Old school rhythm and blues en roots rock and roll, naast songs van legends ook eigen werk. Met de charismatische frontman Clark Kenis (oa Walter Broes en Moonshine Reunion), Little Boy Wout Verhelst (oa The Blue Clay, Filthy Horse, Stonecold, Little Boy & Nightingale) en Tim (Jenny and the Jetsons) op drums een stevig trio !


The band:

  • Clark Kenis: 

20:00  --> Torello's jive bugs (NL)

Kings of Swing

Feestelijke, honingzoete vocalen, ondersteund door wreed scheurende saxen en een ritmesectie die aanzet tot wilde acties met het lichaam:


Torello’s Jive Bugs

Deze 9-koppige band is berucht om zijn strakke jaren-veertig pakken en doordenderende shows met de beste jive, swing en rock & roll uit de jaren veertig en vijftig.


Wil je een rustige avond met gelikte klanken en lichte conversatie? Jammer dan...

De Bugs zijn ervaren rotten in de rock 'n' roll, en nemen je genadeloos mee op een ongepolijste reis vol energie!


The band: 

  • Barbara Arents: Vocals 
  • Bert Rijs: Vocals 
  • Rob Toorenburg : Tenor saxophone
  • Wouter Fris:  Guitar
  • Menno Berkhout: Baritone saxophone & Blues harp
  • Niels Jonkers: Piano
  • Frank Jonckers: Double Bass
  • Roel Smit: Trumpet & trombone
  • Lucas Leenders: Drums


21:00  --> 5-ó-Matic's ( NL)

From way down under at the South-West coast of the Netherlands..
4 guys familiar with rockabilly music .
Music from the early 40’s & 50's with their own style in which they highly succeeded , so all of you Cats and Kittens can enjoy the Hydromatic gigs , at Rocking' parties and festivals all over the country and abroad.
All blended up , comes with a Hydromatic Rockabilly injected with a Neo Flavour.
While also delivering stunning renditions of the original 50’s Rockabilly and Rock-n-Roll tunes with a rare passion that sets them apart from the rest.


It’s all part of the bands program and a mixture of inspirations that creates their own Hydromatic sound.
This rockin’ formula makes sure to set your feet a-tappin’ and your hips a-shakin’.
"Making even the tamest people get a little bad"!
So if all what is written above has made you curious, leave the house instantly, jump right in your car and meet this 5-ó-Matic’s in the nearest place around to fully enjoy a long lasting dose of good ole Rockabilly with a High Octane Hydromatic Swing , blended with a bite Neo…. 


The band:

  • Tony: Lead Guitar and vocals.
  • Glenn: Saxophone , guitar and backing vocals.
  • Marcel: Drums , vocals and backing vocals.
  • Peter: Double bass and backing vocals.

22:00 --> The Kokomo Kings (SE)

The swedish band The Kokomo Kings has gained a reputation of playing an uncompromising, no-nonsence brew on a variety of low-down rocking roots-music, grounded deep in the blues. They have been described as being "more rock´n´roll than rock´n´roll" and having "energy level 11".  


After years of backing a long list of international blues artists like James Harman, Mud Morganfield, Big Jack Johnson, Lazy Lester, Louisiana Red, John Primer, Big Joe Louis, Keith Dunn, Rusty Zinn and so on, and playing with a number of Scandinavian bands like The Instigators, The Domestic Bumblebees, Paul & The Blue Delivery, Peter Nande Band and many others, they decided to start a new band and do their own thing. The whole idea with the band is to play nothing but primitive, groovy Saturday-night music made for dancing.


They got together in the spring of 2012 to record the debut 45rpm vinyl-single “Artificial Natural”. It took of good, and many blues- and rock´n´roll-fans said it was among the best sounding recording for years!  In October 2013 they released the full length album “Artificial Natural” that received great rewievs. Many Blues- and Rock´n´Roll fans claimed that it was the first time for many years that they listened to a blues album from the first song to the last, and just loved every second of it!


In the spring of 2017 the german label Rhythm Bomb Records released their 2nd album "Too Good to Stay Away From".


The Ameripolitan Music Awards in Memphis nominated the Kokomo Kings to best rockabilly band 2018, and the band won the "Band of the Year 2018" and the "Entertainers of the Year 2021" award from The Blues Lounge Radio Show in the U.K. In 2022 they won both the “Entertainers of the Year” and “Artist of the year”  from The Blues Lounge Radio Awards.


In the summer of 2019 Rhythm Bomb Records released their third album "Fighting Fire with Gasoline", and in 2021 their fourth album "A Drive-By Love Affair"


Since the start, they´ve performed at clubs and festivals in Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, France, Austria, Switzerland, The Czech Republic and Spain.

The band:

  • Martin Abrahamsson:  Vocals and guitar 
  • Magnus Lanshammar:  Bass 
  • Jonas Holmberg: Guitar
  • Daniel Winerö: Drums 

23:00 Afterparty

Café de albatros

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4381 CA Vlissingen

Rick cavan ( NL) 

Bar 4 you

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The best bad influence (UK)