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little Lesley and the boodshots (usa)



Little Lesley & the Bloodshots light up the stage with their soulful twang and captivating songs. Hailing from New York City and South Carolina’s upstate, they’ve been making waves and making friends around the world with their honest approach to American Roots music.


Lesley Swift fronts the band, belting out her self-penned songs with gravel and grace. What started out as trio in Brooklyn in 2012 quickly became a fixture on the national Rockabilly scene. They played the first New England Shakeup (2013), were direct support for both Robert Gordon and Kim Lenz, independently released their debut full-length album "On Fire", and landed a spot on the Ink N Iron festival (2014) in Long Beach CA. Their third year was highlighted by a stand-out performance at the world’s biggest and most renowned rockabilly festival, Viva Las Vegas (2015), which garnered them an official place in the international rockabilly scene and attention from European booking agents and labels.


2016 marked their first tour abroad and their signing with the legendary Western Star Records of the UK. Alan Wilson recorded and produced their Doin’ Fine EP, which created quite a buzz and is still in regular rotation on BBC radio. Nick Westfall produced and directed the band’s first official video for title track “Doin’ Fine”, with over 20,000 views in the first 24 hours on Facebook. The band made their first appearance at the Nashville Boogie, the Hotrod Hayride (UK), and ended the summer playing to over 10,000 people on the main stage closing night of the Summer Jamboree festival in Senigalia, Italy. Lesley had moved from Brooklyn to Greenville SC and the band quickly became a fixture in the southeastern Kustom Kulture scene. In fall 2017, they returned to the UK to play the famous Hemsby Rock N Roll Weekender and record their second full length album with Alan Wilson, “Heartbeat”.


2018 launched the release of “Heartbeat” on Western Star Records, performances in Germany and Sweden, another STAND-OUT performance at Viva, and a lineup change. Lesley returned to her roots and is leading the band on rhythm guitar, trading upright bass duties with Greenville’s own Mark Dye. Veteran honky tonk drummer Brian Kennedy is keeping time, and Sean O’Shields lays down the sweet, lonesome pedal steel. Lesley is currently working on a new album and the music continues to evolve. 


Anyone who is looking for some compelling, passionate roots music with a great stage show, Little Lesley & The Bloodshots are playing a town near you!



  • Lesley Swift - singer/songwriter, rhythm guitar, upright bass 
  • Brian Kennedy - drums
  • Mark Dye - upright bass, vocals
  • Sean O'Shields - pedal steel, guitar

14h30 - 14h30

Red hot "N" jivey (NL/B)


Ondanks dat Red Hot “N” Jivey een vrij nieuwe band is , speelt de ritme sectie al decennia samen in een locale band met leadzanger Dimarco .

Hun liefde voor authentieke roots muziek is altijd al een rode draad door hun muzikale carrière geweest.


Supports voor BB.King ,Paladins , Luther Allison , en begeleidingswerk voor Tommy hunt ,The Velvet Candles , Gaynel Hodge en 0.a Mike Sanchez staan op hun cv.

Door een aantal van deze projecten kwamen ze in contact met de 3 mannen van de blazersectie.


Tijdens de Atlantic records tribute revue bij Feel the 50’s kwamen ze tot de conclusie dat ze van een project maar een band moesten maken.

Ze omschrijven hun stijl als dansbare big band rock and roll met een eigen sausje.




16h30 - 15h30

The Gleritones (NL) 


The Glerintone`s is a brand new band formed by tony t Gilde and Rik Lingier who started in the eighties during the rock and roll revival with their band the bobo`s, after a succsesfull  period they all went their own way and played in the donuts, the 2 tones, the 5 o matics, and wild may west and now for Vlissingen Vintage they formed a new trio with tony`s son Glenn t gilde on double bass.They will bring you a spectacular danceable rockabilly show what will knock you of your feet 




18h30 - 19h30

The Velvet candles ( ESP) 


The Velvet Candles are Spain's most popular doo wop group. With an style ranging from mid 50's r&b to the great italo american doo wop groups from the early 60's, on their ten years of life as a group they have been performing all over Europe with great success, they have been in Sweden, UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Finland...


They have backed some of the bigger names on the rock and roll scene, Mike Sanchez, Bobby Brooks, Charlie Thompson, Sonny West or Nikki Hill as well as some of the greatest doo wop stars of the back in the day. The Candles were responsible for the comeback of Tommy Hunt to do the songs he did with the Flamingos back in the 50's. Also they have been doing shows backing classic stars like Gaynel Hodge (the Turks), John Cheatdom of the Velours, Norman Fox of the Rob Roys... and this year they will be performing with Larry Chance of the Earls, Jay Siegel of the Tokens, Stan Zizka of the Del Satins and Jimmy Gallagher of the Passions. Not bad for a group from Barcelona.


Their shows are a joy also to all the dancers on the audience, featuring a great set on jump tunes as well as a must for all doo wop fans.

With three records released on El Toro Records, they are often regarded as one of the most entertaining acts on the vocal group scene.


The members of velvet candles are:

  • Augie Burr - Lead vocals & chorus
  • Eddie Peregrin - Lead vocals & chorus
  • Mamen Salvador - Leads & chorus
  • Juan Ibañez - Vocal Bass & chorus
  • Miguel A. G. Garro - High Tenor



20h30 - 21h30

The gogetters (swe) 


In January of 1988, amidst the frozen badlands of Västerås, Sweden, a gang of Vikings decided to heat things up by forming a rockabilly trio.


In January of 1988, amidst the frozen badlands of Västerås, Sweden, a gang of Vikings decided to heat things up by forming a rockabilly trio. They would call themselves the Go Getters. 23 years later the ensuing inferno still rages like an oil fire in Texas!!!




22h30 - 0h00

Ray Collins hot club 


Ray Collins’ Hot Club : the hotest club in town!

Imagine a band which could play to perfection a mixture of 40 and 50' s Jump-blues, swing, jive and of rock' roll with authenticity and an overflowing energy while developing their own style and composing some solid songs. A band which could set a ballroom on fire with only the first bars of a brass section. Imagine nine guys ready to party and make you spend an unforgettable evening and which for that will give all that they have! You think that kind a band has never existed and will never exist neither in Europe, neither in States nor in any area of the world. But I can swear to you that this band really exist (cause I saw them!) and that they just released their third album "Tohuwabohu" for Crazy Love Records. This group is The "Ray Collins’ Hot Club", a german bunch of wild guys which signed their first album in 2001 -“Shaking That Boogie”- and which since became a reference.


Some bands are good in studio and disappointing on stage. Some others are just the opposite; they are great entertainers but their albums are flat and without any “fever” or “guts” whatever you call it. In this case, we are dealing with this rare species of band who are at the same time achieved showmen and which sign original albums with no fillers or tracks to be thrown away.


Mister “Ray Collins” (Andreas) talked to Long Tall some years ago about the first album of the gang and soon he will tell you more about what has happened since and their plans. Just have a read and learn more about the number one jumpin’ and jivin’ band in Europe and don’t forget to have a look at their first class website  



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After party with the Devils cut combo

Café de concurrent.


Café de concurrent.

Bellamypark 22

4381 CK Vlissingen 


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